Hello my name is Rick van der Valk and I am a professional wedding photographer based out of Barrie Ontario.  I primarily shoot weddings but do a lot of portrait photography  and commercial work as well.

The about me section.  To me the hardest part to do on any website.

As a wedding photographer you want to tell people that your going to:

  • Create great images for your clients
  • Be fun and relaxed to be around
  • And that you love your job


I love photography but was not born with a camera.  I am one of those people who admired others and always wondered how they did what they did.  In 2008 my wife and I were told we were having a baby and this was a good excuse for me to go buy something new.  I told my wife in order for us to have great photos of our baby I would need to throw out the boat anchor camera we had and get a fancy SLR camera…She fell for it…  Weeks later I was sporting the best money could buy (or so I thought) and was still taking terrible photos with my new expensive camera.  Not happy with photos I spent a lot of time learning.  I read everything I could, watched videos, looked at other peoples photos and I learned.  Along the way I really started having fun.   The more fun I had the more I wanted to learn.  It was at that point I really started to improve.  I surrounded myself with people who were leaps and bounds better than myself and I attended workshops and training courses and haven’t looked back.

The best part of my job now is watching the reaction other people get when they proudly show their photos with friends and families.  It is such a great feeling knowing that you have created something that they will truly enjoy for a lifetime.

 If you want to learn more about me, see some behind the scenes stuff come check out my Youtube channel


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