I am back, posting finally!

So 2019 didn’t start off the way I had planned. Let explain. I first have to back the story up to September 2018 in order to properly tell my tale of Woah.

September 2018 I was fresh off an active summer filled with lots of fun summer activities, weddings and family shoots. I was feeling great. I had dropped a few pounds and was more active than I had been in a few years. With fall coming I had this great idea that I should get back into some racket sports. I had played a lot in college and considered myself to be pretty good. I hadn’t played in a few years but common how hard could it be, put some shoes on and go play…

Opening night I joined the club paid my dues, bought myself a new racket as a motivator and was excited to get going. I drove over to the club on a Tuesday night, quickly changed into my gear and walked out onto the court as I had many times before. Things started off great, I felt good. I was playing well and early into the evening I was winning games and feeling the glory of days gone by.

This is where things took an unexpected turn. I had a good game going and the other team set me up to smash. I had to move quickly and as I got into position, I jumped to make my shot. As I left the ground I heard a snap inside my right leg and felt a searing pain shoot all the way up my leg. Something I had never felt before. I landed and tried to walk it off. Maybe I just pulled something, I am getting old I thought. It hurt but I played through it and tried to suck it up for three more games. By the end of the third game, my knee started to look like a beach ball and I knew it was time to go home and ice up. That’s what old people do when they hurt, ice.

It wasn’t until the next day when I couldn’t stand on it or walk that I thought hmm, maybe I did something worse. I tried to tough it out for a few days but finally gave up and called a photo client of mine who just happened to be an orthopaedic surgeon. Not sure if it was good luck or bad karma for me but I had taken photos of the DR and his lovely family a few weeks earlier. I distinctly remember at that shoot making some jokes about how he must get all of the wannabe weekend warriors who blow a hip or a knee coming in to get fixed. Oh my, I was one of those people now…Like I said good luck or bad karma, I think both.

After a consultation with the DR some X-Rays and an MRI, I decided it was my meniscus. Being the Internet DR that I was and knowing nothing about the human body I had formulated that in my mind. Easy Peasy, a little sawing inside the knee to cut away what I broke and I would be good to go. Haha, to my surprise the actual DR who knows what the hell he is doing called and said you tore your ACL. The ACL for the uneducated folks out there is your anterior cruciate ligament. Basically, its a key ligament that stabilizes your knee joint. It also cannot heal or repair itself. My choices were basically live with it and not enjoy your life or get it fixed. I had a choice to make. To fix it they would take a piece of my hamstring, fold it over a few times, drill a bunch of holes in my knee and basically weave it into my knee and fasten it with some nice new screws. Full healing time is about a year.

The good DR knew I had weddings booked and got me a surgery date for the end of January 2019. We had some good back and forth and he felt i would functional enough to shoot again in about 6 months. As luck would have it my first wedding this year was June. He did the surgery (and was fantastic I might add) I spent the first 2 months of 2019 riding a lazy boy in the living room trying to get my knee to bend again. It was a lot of work but he was right. By June I was at my first wedding and my knee has gotten stronger all year long. Its been a long year but feeling pretty good now.

So all that to say, I have been really slow to post on the site and I am going to spend the next few weeks updating it and showing some of the great shoots I got to do this year! Special shout out to Ted and Jenn, along with my lovely wife and family for helping me this year! You guys are the best and I am very appreciative of everything!

Sad Rick…